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How To Choose A Beverage Vending Machine

May. 11, 2022

Beverage Vending Machines

Beverage Vending Machines


With the rapid development of vending machines, beverage vending machines, as the most used and demanded models in the vending machine market today, have been widely accepted by many people. Now many investors also pay attention to this, but the beverage automatic There are thousands of kinds of goods received, and there are many doubts when choosing, so there is no way to start.


1. Do you need to bring cooling function?

Everyone knows that the peak season of beverage vending machines is mainly in the summer. A hot drink on a hot summer day is a great demand, so be sure to determine whether the machine has a cooling function.


2. The cargo path of the machine

The sale of beverages will also have different specifications, including boxed, 550ML bottle, 300ML bottle and other different beverage specifications. When buying, be sure to tell the manufacturer some common cargo lane types and later types of cargo lanes. , So that the manufacturer will adjust it for you when leaving the factory, so that according to the different beverage needs of customers at the time of purchase, of course, you must choose a regular manufacturer, because in the later service, they can also carry out different guidance of goods lane adjustment and provision of accessories.


3. The capacity of the machine

Different machine specifications, the capacity of the beverage can be different, you can make different choices according to the needs of the location and the needs of the budget. In areas where the flow of people is relatively large, it is recommended that you can choose 60 cargo lanes, 72 Cargo tunnels or double-deck beverage spring vending machines can avoid the frequency of loading and maintenance times and increase your purchases.


4. Choice of payment method

The current payment methods include face recognition, face brush payment, WeChat payment, Alipay payment, JD wallet, bank card and campus card and other payment methods. You can also choose different combinations when you choose.


5. Touch screen or metal button selection function

Now there are a variety of touch screen selection machine metal button selection functions. When the machine is selected, you can choose different combinations according to the different locations. In the mall, you can put some large-screen touch beverage machines because you can also play some advertisements. To attract consumers, in some schools or scenic areas, you can choose touch screens and metal buttons, and multi-functional options to meet the diverse needs of consumers.


6. Choosing the right solution

There is a wide range of vending machines to choose from. However, choosing a vending machine goes further than deciding which products you’re going to be stocking. It can come down to industry, location and how many employees you have.

When you look at the healthcare sector, immediately we would think a bean-to-cup coffee machine isn’t ideal for nurses and doctors. These machines take around 22 seconds to dispense a drink and in the world of healthcare, there isn’t much stopping. So, an instant coffee machine would be an ideal fit. A healthcare professional can grab a quick cup of coffee and then go back to taking care of patients.


That's all we have to share today. Vending machine spring suppliers will continue to share industry news, so stay tuned! If you need vending machine springs, please feel free to contact us!