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Smart Vending Machine That Can Save Lives

Apr. 24, 2022

Remember when a citizen fainted while running and was found by a passerby in time and successfully rescued? At that time, thanks to the passing medical workers and called "life-saving" AED equipment played an important role.

In order to provide the public with better emergency rescue protection, last year, the Chinese city of Shenzhen developed the "Secure Station" - an intelligent vending machine that stores emergency rescue equipment.

These special vending machines can be found everywhere in the streets of Shenzhen, China, offering not only water and beverages but also life-saving AEDs and emergency supplies kits.


an intelligent vending machine that stores emergency rescue equipment

Secure Station


What are the features of the Secure Station?

• Public benefit model

The revenue from the vending machine is used to purchase AED equipment for public use. Form a sustainable public welfare promotion model. Alleviate the financial burden.

At present, we have gradually completed the plan of equipping AEDs in public places in Shenzhen, China, to achieve full coverage in public places, and at the same time, to extend to the whole country. The AEDs have been widely used in public places and have been widely used throughout China.

• Emergency supplies reserve point

When there is an earthquake and other major disasters> automatically open emergency mode> the public can receive free unlimited emergency supplies through intelligent vending machines

When there is a typhoon and other severe weather > cell phone scanning code registration > limited access to emergency supplies

• Early warning information release channel

When there is a major disaster, the device will automatically play disaster information to remind citizens to evacuate nearby

• Safety knowledge promotion

It can be used as a safety propaganda carrier to customize the broadcast of safety propaganda and learning content. Through the mode of interactive question and answer to receive prizes and real-time registration in the background, it is fun and educational.


Vending machine spirals


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