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  • 6-coil Spring

  • 6-coil Spring

  • 6-coil Spring

  • 6-coil Spring

  • 6-coil Spring

6-coil Spring

This product is mainly used in all kinds of intelligent high-end vending machines.
Product Description

Product Specification

Number of coils  6 (left-handed, right-handed)
Wire diameter (mm)  4
Diameter (mm)  63.5
Cargo corridor width (mm)  70
Pitch (mm)  82
Total length (mm)  580
Spring material  high quality steel
Surface treatment  plastic spray
Customize  yes
Applicable commodities (reference)  Mineral water, all kinds of drinks

Product Introduction

The vending machine spiral is one of the earliest mass production and sales products in our company. 

We have more than 10 years of combined experience, customized according to customer's needs, timely delivery, quality assurance , If your demand is high, we will have a discount.

6-coil Springs is suitable for mineral water, all kinds of drinks and other vending machines are used.

Product features: good verticality, high hardness, no jam, smooth delivery of goods.

This product is selling well at home and abroad for a long time and well praised by users. Various sizes can be customized and welcome to inquire and discuss cooperation.