12V/24V vending machine gear motor, spiral spring

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This product is one of the earliest main products developed and mass-produced and sold by our company.

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Vending machine DC gear motor

Applicable products are small DC motors, DC gear motors, brushed DC motors, DC motor gearboxes
Technological advancements are rapidly driving the growth of vending machines and automated convenience stores. From coin vending machines to artificial intelligence vending machines, the advantages of low-cost human resources have greatly lowered the threshold for everyone to start a business. In recent years, the demand for vending machines has continued to grow, and the epidemic has accelerated the growth of the vending machine industry.


Hauncheon Vending Machine DC Motor Advantages

DC motors and DC geared motors can be applied to a variety of functions in vending machines, such as coin collection, coin acceptance, banknote collection, banknote acceptance, automatic change, automatic distribution of items.

Hauncheon can design DC gear motors that meet the requirements of vending machines according to customer needs. Speed, voltage and torque are customized to maximize the efficiency of the vending machine. In order to reduce the problem of motor incompatibility, Xiangneng's DC motors are manufactured synchronously in the factory, so that DC gear motors perform better in vending machines.

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The application of Hauncheon DC motor in vending machine

Vending machines are everywhere in our lives. Vending machines have a wide range of applications, such as beverage vending machines, food vending machines, coffee vending machines, coin-operated lockers, automatic parking payment machines, automatic food ordering machines, ATMs, coin-operated machines, Mask vending machines, automatic payment stations, ticket and cash machines, self-ordering machines, claw cranes, coin pushers, claw machines.

Hauncheon DC motors continue to accept various new challenges, and have their own international competitive advantages through their own internal industrial upgrading and continuous integration of business models. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.
Precision DC Gear Motor and DC Motor Supply | Xinneng
Headquartered in Shijiazhuang, Hauncheon is a manufacturer of DC gear motors and DC motors, and has been an expert in providing gearboxes (motor reducers) and DC motors since 2010.
The DC motor and gear motor are manufactured with imported instruments and machinery, and semi-automatic production ensures stable and high-quality products. Low noise, high torque, long life, high speed, passed ISO9001 certification, DC gear motor meets international safety standards.

New Hauncheon has been providing customers with high-quality DC motors and gear motors, with advanced technology and years of experience, Hauncheon ensures that each customer's needs are met.

Technical Parameters
Model: HC-VWDH100T803CC / HC-VWDH100T803C
1. Rated Voltage: 12VDC/ 24VDC
2. No-load Speed: 23.5±3RPM
3. No-load Current: ≤0.18A
4. Stall Current: ≤1.35A
5. Max Output Torque: ≥48kg.cm
High torque type: ≥60kg.cm
6. Output Rotate Direction: CCW/CW ( Face to turnplate)

This product is one of the earliest main products developed and mass-produced and sold by our company. It is a second-generation product developed on the basis of the original market products. Its outstanding feature is that the output torque is more than 1.4 times that of similar products in the original market . The gear has high strength, gears are unbreakable when gear motor is stall. reliable performance, and high cost performance. The raw materials of the product are carefully selected. During the production process of semi-finished products and finished products, they are inspected one by one and equipped with a comprehensive performance test device which developed by our company. Strongly guarantee the high quality and high performance of the final product. This product has a good purchase home and abroad for a long time and highly appreciated by users.



1. High torque, 40% comparatively higher than similar products on the market.
2. Long life: At the conditions 24VDC,environment temperature 20℃±3℃, CW running 30 seconds, with 10 seconds stop interval in a cycle, accumulate operation more than 80000 circles, gear motor is effective.
3. Approved by CE testing and ROHS testing.
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