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Custom Compression springs

A compression spring is a helical spring that provides a force when the spring is compressed. Compression springs come in a variety of shapes, including conical, barrel, hourglass, and most commonly, cylindrical. Compression spring ends with or without grinding. A lapped compression spring is more square than a spring without laps. Springs with square, grounded ends have a lower solid height than springs without grinding.



Common forms of compression coil springs


The most common form of compression coil springs are straight cylindrical coil springs with square (closed) ends, a common example being a ballpoint pen spring. The end coils can also be ground to improve squareness and reduce buckling. Square and ground compression springs typically have a bearing surface of at least 270 degrees.


Design of Compression Coil Springs


Compression coil springs are manufactured in cone, barrel or hourglass configurations. These forms of compression springs allow for reduced solid heights. Compression springs are typically wound with uniform spacing between coils, however, variable coil spacing can be used to improve resistance to buckling and shock. As opposed to a single resonance frequency in a compression spring with a constant pitch, a compression spring with a variable pitch ensures a frequency response spectrum. Compression springs are usually mounted on a rod or operated in a hole. These installations help reduce buckling of the spring body. Design considerations should take into account that the diameter of the compression spring body increases as the spring is compressed.

Why choose us


Huansheng Spring manufactures custom coil springs in thousands of configurations for a variety of applications. Efficient and reliable custom grounded and non-grounded compression spring products are engineered to meet the tight tolerances of manual and automated assembly.

While the most common form of compression spring is the straight barrel spring made from round wire, countless others are produced. At Huansheng Spring, we can manufacture cone, barrel, hourglass and heavy duty compression springs. Additionally, our engineering experts can place optional variable spacing between coils. Available in round, oval (oval), square, rectangular and stranded wire. Multiple material types are available such as music wire, stainless steel, titanium, chrome vanadium, chrome silicon, copper and Inconel.

Our line of custom compression springs serves the industrial, durable/commercial goods and electronics markets.

Depending on the market served, the relevant Spring facility is third-party certified to ISO9001.

Learn more about how we continue to differentiate ourselves as a custom helical coil and compression spring supplier.Contact us today!



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