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Extension springs provide force by stretching or pulling them. Typically, they are cylindrical coil springs made of round wire, with machine loops or cross-centre loops. However, they can be made into cones, ovals, barrels, or almost any other shape. The ends can be flat, extended, square or anything else you can imagine.

Our stock extension springs range in outer diameter from 0.063”-1.25” and free lengths from 0.250” – 7.50”. Loops are cross centers or machines. If you can’t find one of the items in stock that matches your needs, we can do almost any design. If you need design assistance, we have a team of responsive and experienced engineers.

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Extension springs are used in a variety of applications where precise force needs to be applied at a certain deformation. Tension springs are used to retract aircraft landing gear, attach equipment to oil rigs in offshore applications, and as hood assist springs on Class 8 heavy duty trucks to securely hold hoods in place for engine maintenance. Other examples include specialized springs implanted around roads or security buildings to create barriers to provide additional protection from possible external threats.


How an extension spring works

Extension springs are designed to absorb and store energy and create resistance to tension. "Initial tension" is created during the manufacturing process when the wire is rotated back during the winding process. The initial tension determines how tightly the tension springs are wrapped together. When you pull the spring apart, you are undoing the rotation, which creates a force or initial tension. The initial tension can be manipulated to meet the load requirements of your specific application.

Huansheng's extension spring

Huansheng's extension springs are wound at initial tension, providing a small deflection load for secure installation "hold". The initial tension is equal to the minimum force required to separate adjacent coils. Each spring is a constant diameter type with various hook/loop styles. Tolerances for extension spring rates depend on body diameter and wire diameter, but are typically +/- 10% and +/- 5% of diameter. The initial tension is more difficult to control and is for reference only.


We offer a variety of options when shipping compression springs in bulk. Special packaging options are available for an extra price, saving you time by preventing springs from tangling. A common shipping option chosen by our customers is layered springs. In this option, place the springs side by side on one sheet, then place a second sheet on top of them to place another set of springs on top of them, and so on until the order quantity is complete. There are other packaging options available for bulk compression springs depending on your needs and spring size/quantity.

If you need special packaging or extra protection, we can work with you to find the most feasible solution. Don't hesitate to get your bulk spring order now. Contact us to learn more about our packaging options, bulk orders and other special pricing.

Why is Huansheng's wholesale spring prices so much lower?

Since we are a manufacturer, we can offer a better price for a certain spring in large quantities or large quantities. This is thanks to our advanced technology and highly qualified team. Buying in bulk saves you time and money, saving us the time and effort of setting up the machine multiple times, which will bring you savings.

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