Paper Cup Dropper-Single hole adjustable cup dropper

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Paper Cup Dropper.

Cup dropper with white spiral wheel, it’s suitable for the distance 4.2mm to 7mm  between the tops of two cups. Please see below photo of the distance.

  • Application: Coffee vending machine, water/juice machine, or ice cream machine, etc
  • Cup type: Paper cup or plastic cup with edge roll
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    Cup Type: 78mm-100mm paper cup or plastic cup with edge roll.

    Application: Water/Juice vending machine, Ice cream vending machine, etc

    Using Instructions

    Single hole adjustable cup dropper.

    Cup type and sizes: Paper cup and plastic cup with edge roll. Cup outer diameter 78mm-100mm, cup dropper is adjustable.

    Motor: DC24V/30R

    Using method, the motor is used downwards. The top of the cup dropper can be equipped with a cup holder and a transparent cup barrel. The cup holder is reserved with a cup remaining detection hole.

    There is a cup caliber adjustment screw on the side of the cup dropper. Loosening it, counterclockwise to remove it, adjust the diameter to decrease diameter, and clockwise to remove, increase the diameter.

    Adjust the caliber adaption method, put the cup on the single-hole cup dropper spiral wheel, adjust the size of the cup hole, the spiral wheel just stuck to the cup wall and not too tight, it is suitable to be able to smoothly hold the cup edge, not too loose , Too loose may cause the cup to skew, after adjustment, tighten the adjustment screw,

    There is a micro-switch on the cup dropper, combined with product use environment, it can be used as a travel switch or a counting switch.

    The motor is driven at 24v voltage. The positive pole of the power supply is connected to the motor negative terminal, and the negative pole of the power supply is connected to the motor positive terminal.

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