Coffee Vending Machine Motor

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  • Model: HC-CFA J
  • Rated Voltage: 24VDC
  • No-load Speed: 50RPM,90RPM,130RPM
  • No-load Current: 0.16A
  • Rated Current: 0.4A
  • Rated Output Torque: 11.5kg.cm
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    This coffee machine gear motor is general type gear motor, made up DC motor and a gearbox combination, used for coffee machine push powder. A long spline output shaft installed at the same side of the DC motor, there are six holes on gearbox for screw installation.

    CFA Series consists of different speeds of coffee machine gear motors with different shafts, developed to meet the need for ever-increasing automation typical of today's appliances, both domestic and professional. These gear motors for coffee machines are characterized by high flexibility and are consequently suitable for many uses.


    CFA series coffee machine gear motors are mainly used in coffee vending machines as a motor for dispensing ingredients (powder) or moving the coffee unit of a coffee machine. There are also versions specially designed for dispensing solid products (augers) on the vending market. They can also be used in ice makers, ice cream machines, industrial roasters, rotating displays, coin changers and valve operation, as well as in ice makers, ice cream machines, steam ovens, rotating displays and more.

    Operation of Gear Motors: The wide range of the CFA series allows finding the right gear motor for your vending machine needs, whether for continuous or intermittent use.

    Versions: CFA series gearmotors for intermittent use vending machines are available in AB self-locking versions to eliminate rotor inertia.

    Huansheng can also develop special versions for customer's design according to customer's requirements and sufficient quantity.


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