Coffee Vending Machine Motor-Quick Fit

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Quick Fit Coffee Vending Machine Motor

  • Model: HC -CFB J2
  • Rated Voltage: 24VDC
  • No-load Speed: 80RPM, 90RPM, 130RPM
  • No-load Current: 0.16A
  • Rated Current: 0.4A
  • Rated Output Torque: 4kg.cm
  • Noise: ≤65dB(A)(Distance 30cm), the sound of gear motors is smooth, no abnormal noise
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    Coffee Vending Machine Gear Motor

    Huansheng Gear Motors provide the reliability to keep your machine running. Multiple shaft, RPM and torque options make running your vending, general industrial, coffee and espresso, and packaging equipment a breeze.

    Model: HC-CFB J2
    1.Rated Voltage: 24VDC
    2.No-load Speed: 80RPM, 90RPM, 130RPM
    3.No-load Current: 0.16A
    4.Rated Current: 0.4A
    5.Rated Output Torque: 4kg.cm
    6.Noise: ≤65dB(A)(Distance 30cm), the sound of gear motors is smooth, no abnormal noise
    7.No-load life performance: At the conditions 24VDC,environment temperature 20℃±3℃, CW running 30 seconds, stop 10 seconds, CCW running 30 seconds, stop 10 seconds, this is a cycle, accumulate operation more than 80000 cycles, motor is effective.


    1. The inner gear is very strong and unbreakable when stalling.
    2. Large torque; it is much larger than similar products from other factories.
    3. Low noise.
    4. The rated voltage, output speed and special output torque can be customized according to customer requirements.

    Application of Huansheng DC Motor in Vending Machine

    Vending machines are everywhere in our lives. Vending machines have a wide range of applications, such as beverage vending machines, food vending machines, coffee vending machines, coin-operated lockers, automatic parking payment machines, automatic food ordering machines, ATMs, coin-operated machines, mask automatic Vending machines, automatic payment stations, ticket and cash machines, self-ordering machines, claw cranes, coin pushers, claw machines.

    Huansheng DC Motor constantly accepts various new challenges, and has its own international competitive advantage through its own internal industrial upgrading and continuous integration of business models. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

    Output speed and torque can be customized according to clients request. As for now, 50RM, 80RPM, 90RPM, 130RPM, 145RPM are available.

    Quick-fit installation and screw-fit installation both available, more flexible and convenient.

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